Average Length of Stay                                            7 Days

Length of Stay in Hospital                                         None

Operation Duration                             30 minutes-1 Hour

Anesthesia                                             General Anesthesia

Recovery Duration                                                 3 Months

Average Cost                                                         0.000 Euro    


Our Doctors about this treatment

Dimpleplasty is to create dimples on the cheeks with plastic surgery. Some people have dimples naturally, and it occurs when they smile. In dimpleplasty surgery, surgeons are working on the buccinator muscle inside the cheek to create an all-natural-looking dimple on the patient.

Surgery is very fast and is an extremely safe procedure. Healing duration is changing between 1 to 2 weeks in dimpleplasty surgery but final results can be seen in 2 to 3 months.

After this procedure patient can get back to work or school the very next day after the operation. You can eat and drink regularly however, you need to avoid very hard foods and straining in the mouth.

The best aspect of this surgery is that dimpleplasty can be reversed as well!

Dimpleplasty Cost in Turkey

Like all our surgeries, dimpleplasty is also affordable for patients who are aiming to have surgery in Turkey. Turkey offers a unique opportunity for patients to undergo cosmetic surgery treatment, held to the same Western healthcare standards.