Rhinoplasty / Nose Job

Average Length of Stay                                            7 Days

Length of Stay in Hospital                                        1 Day

Operation Duration                                             2-4 Hours

Anesthesia                                             General Anesthesia

Recovery Duration                                               1-2 Weeks

Average Cost                                               4.000-6.000 Euro    

Our Doctors about this treatment

Nose job in Turkey—or medically known as rhinoplasty—is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery Turkey treatments intended to change the shape of a person’s nose to achieve facial harmony and boost confidence.

It can change the size of the nose as well as its width and profile. Plastic surgeons may alter the nose tip, shape of the nostrils and balance of the nose—based on your aesthetic goals and unique condition.

Nose surgery in Istanbul can also be performed as a reconstructive procedure, which is designed to correct a birth defect or an injury as a broken nose. Many patients seek nose surgery in Turkey not only for cosmetic reasons—the treatment can also be carried out to effectively treat certain breathing problems caused by a deviated septum.

Rhinoplasty Turkey is an ideal cosmetic procedure for accomplishing the following:

Restore facial harmony and balance the nose’s size with other facial features

Reduce the size of the nose

Contour a nasal tip

Reshape or narrow the nostrils that are too wide for the face

Correct breathing problems

Restore symmetry or correct nasal deviation

Good candidates for a nose job in Turkey

Patients who are in good health and wish to improve the appearance of their nose may be good candidates for nose surgery in Istanbul. While there is no age limit for undergoing nose surgery, younger patients may be advised to wait until they turn 15 or 16 to benefit from this cosmetic procedure.

Patients with the following conditions are may be eligible for rhinoplasty in Istanbul:

Abnormal appearance of the nose due to injury, disease or genes

Overlarge, droopy nasal appearance

Bumpy nose bridge

Ethnically wide or flat nose

Rhinoplasty procedure in Turkey

Nose surgery is an outpatient cosmetic surgery procedure performed under general anesthesia. Plastic surgeons in Turkey employ one of two techniques when performing rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey.

During the procedure, the surgeon will make an incision inside the nose or across the base of the nose. Through the incisions, the skin is gently raised and the inner bone and cartilage are reshaped. Once the structure of the nose is corrected to the desired shape, nasal skin and tissue are redrapped and incisions are closed. 

The entire nose surgery procedure in Istanbul typically lasts one to two hours. It is recommended to stop smoking and avoid taking certain medications such as blood thinners etc. at least 1 week before the surgery.

Techniques of nose surgery in Turkey

Closed rhinoplasty

In a closed rhinoplasty surgical technique, the plastic surgeon makes the incisions within the nostrils.

Open rhinoplasty

In an open rhinoplasty, the incisions are placed across the columella, the tissue between the nostrils.

Using both rhinoplasty surgical methods, the plastic surgeons gently lift the soft tissues covering the nose. They then contour the bone and cartilage to the desired shape. Any additional cartilage can be used to augment the nose, which is often taken from the septum, or occasionally from the cartilage behind the ear.

Rhinoplasty for a bulbous nose

Many patients turn to rhinoplasty in Turkey to correct the bulbous. Most nose surgery patients with a bulbous nasal tip see their nose as being too wide or too big.

Correcting the bulbous nasal tip with a rhinoplasty surgery in Istanbul entails enhancing and reconfiguring small cartilage edges—along with suturing methods—to create a sharper yet natural nasal tip.

Plastic surgeons sometimes resort to thinning the nasal tip skin for thicker-skinned patients. This technique promises a stable long-term functional and aesthetic result.  

Rhinoplasty for a wide nose

Another common concern among nose surgery patients is an overly wide nose. A wide nose tends to be flat, without a prominent projection from the face. Additionally, the shape of the internal nasal structure often restricts airflow, making patients more susceptible to several medical issues including snoring and sleep apnea.  

Plastic surgeons employ special techniques of nose surgery to narrow the nose at the bridge by chiseling away the bones in order to thin it out. This can be accomplished with the help of small incisions placed on the outside of the nasal tip, hidden in the crease of the nose to reduce the size of the nostrils.

Types of nose job surgeries in Turkey
Revision rhinoplasty Turkey

At times, the first nose surgery procedure may not have met your aesthetic goals. In such cases, a revision rhinoplasty surgery can be an appropriate treatment to achieve minor corrections and fine-tune the results of the original operation.

Revision rhinoplasty, also referred to as secondary rhinoplasty, is performed to repair problems that develop after previous nose surgery. Our expert revision rhinoplasty surgeons in Istanbul are renowned for their ability to improve unsatisfactory outcomes of primary nose surgery and to restore a natural look to the nose.

Reconstructive nose surgery

Sometimes a nose can be destroyed as a result of a trauma or cancer. Reconstructive rhinoplasty refers to the cosmetic surgery designed to restore tissue that is absent or has been damaged beyond repair. Patients who sustained an injury that led to a broken nose or a trauma are good candidates for reconstructive nose surgery in Turkey.

Septoplasty in Turkey

Septoplasty is a corrective surgical treatment that aims to correct a deviated septum and improve a patient’s ability to breathe. A crooked septum can restrict respiratory airflow in the nasal cavity, creating difficulty when breathing. It can also lead to chronic headaches or frequent nosebleeds. A septoplasty surgery in Turkey intends to straighten a crooked septum and enhance the patient’s quality of life.  

Ethnic rhinoplasty in Turkey

While many people of diverse backgrounds seek to improve and enhance the shape of their nose, just as many of these patients wish to preserve their ethnic identity as they receive the aesthetic improvements.  

Rhinoplasty doctors in Turkey perform nose job surgeries for many patients both male and female of diverse ethnicities for cosmetic and functional reasons.

Special consideration must be taken when carrying out African-American rhinoplasty, Asian rhinoplasty and the Middle Eastern rhinoplasty due to the ethnic uniqueness of these noses.

Using proven surgical skills and expertise, our board certified facial plastic surgeons can repair a patient’s nose based on their aesthetic goals, while keeping in mind the patient’s unique ethnic background.

Asian nose surgery Turkey

Asian patients often seek to add definition and length to their nose to bring it into proportion with other facial features. Asian nose surgery in Turkey can effectively bring harmony, balance and symmetry to the nose and other facial features. Nose surgery for Asian patients involves restructuring the bridge of the nose, as well as repositioning and refining the nasal tip.

Black nose job Turkey

African American patients wish their nose to complement the shape of their face by narrowing or thinning the nostrils or base of their nose.  

Nonsurgical rhinoplasty Turkey

Many patients are apprehensive about going under the knife for cosmetic surgery. While a rhinoplasty surgery is proven effective among many patients, some seek a nose job without surgery in Turkey to achieve their aesthetic goals in a non-invasive manner.

Liquid or non-surgical rhinoplasty is an appropriate alternative to more invasive surgical nose surgery with less downtime and less risk. Nonsurgical nose job in Istanbul involves the injection of dermal fillers to smooth harsher angles, improves the appearance of a nose tip, smooth a hump on the bridge of the nose, or fill depressions on the surface.

Rhinoplasty fillers will immediately bring about aesthetic changes in the appearance of your nose to achieve greater harmony with other facial features—complementing the overall facial balance.

The cost of nonsurgical nose surgery in Turkey is an inexpensive procedure due to its non-invasive nature and simple techniques. Prices of non-surgical rhinoplasty in Istanbul vary according to the quantity of fillers needed for optimal results.

Rhinoplasty doctors in Turkey

Turkey is home to some of Europe’s most skilled rhinoplasty surgeons. Our rhinoplasty surgeons in Turkey have extensive experience in several techniques of rhinoplasty and are renowned for their skillful artistry and natural results.

Their understanding of the curvatures of the face and successful surgical techniques distinguish them as pioneers in nose and face surgery. Our nose surgery doctors in Istanbul will discuss their recommended approach with you during your pre-surgery consultation.

Nose job recovery

Rhinoplasty is a well-tolerated surgery and its recovery is mostly uneventful. Immediately after rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey, patients may experience puffiness, nose ache or a headache for a short time. Some swelling, bruising, bleeding or stuffiness may also occur. Bandage and sutures are removed after 5-7 days.

At this point, it is expected better breathing and sleep. Our rhinoplasty doctors will prescribe pain medication along with instructions to help during the healing process. Most patients are able to return to work within a week.

To reduce bleeding and swelling, the head should be placed in an elevated position. A splint to the nose will be placed for protection and support.

It is recommended to use ice packs for 48 hours to stop swelling, take baths instead of showers, eat high-fiber foods and avoid extreme facial expressions. It is advised not to exercise for 3 to 6 weeks after the procedure.

Most patients should be able to exercise after a month. Most of your results may be apparent in 3-4 weeks. Your nose will continue to change for 3 months. The swelling gradually subsides over the 3-4 months. You will be able to see the full results of the nose surgery within a year.

Cost of a nose job Turkey

Rhinoplasty price in Turkey is relatively inexpensive for most overseas patients. The lower cost of living in Turkey and the high exchange rate of the Turkish Lira to the English Pound make for an affordable alternative to the hefty prices of plastic surgery in the UK and Western Europe.


Patients traveling for nose surgery in Turkey can save up to 70 percent on the cosmetic treatment. Nose surgery Turkey packages offer discounted prices for overseas patients comprising the treatment cost, hotel accommodation, medication, and transfers.