Dr. Burak (Plastic Surgeon)

About Him

He began his plastic, reconstructive & aesthetic surgery training at Ankara Numune Research & Training Hospital the following year. During his training, he worked as a volunteer surgical assistant in Ankara’s private plastic surgery centre. Having performed many aesthetics operations, general reconstruction and hand surgeries, at Ankara Numune Research & Training Hospital the following yearend his plastic surgery training in 2012. This same year he was assigned obligatory governmental service as a plastic surgeon at Nevsehir State Hospital, Cappadocia. After completing his medical service in one of the most touristic spots in Turkey (Cappadocia), he continued his career working both for state and private hospitals where he operated with numerous foreign patients. In addition, he became the longest-running plastic surgeon ever in this city. Dr. Burak, who has published three international scientific studies to date and has attended numerous national and international courses, has most recently become with e a Consultant Surgeon for Clinicarts in 2018 and has been working as a Staff Plastic Surgeon for the samDrlinic since 2019. Dr. Burak is interested in travelling, scuba diving, rock climbing, snowboarding, music and motorcycles. He speaks English and Spanish fluently.


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Rhinoplasty(Nose job)