Hip Replacement

Our Doctors about this treatment

How does a normal hip joint work?

The hip joint is a ball-bearing joint formed by the combination of the femur(thigh) and pelvis bones. The function of the hip joint is very important in simple daily activities such as standing up and walking. Therefore, living with a worn or bruised hip joint is both painful and uncomfortable. But the patients don’t have to live their life like this. In many cases, the entire or damaged part of the hip joint can be replaced by an orthopaedic surgeon.

What is the reason for hip pain?

Pain in the hip may cause by a chronic disease, a poorly treated injury, or an abrasion of continued use with ageing. The common cause of pain and loss of function in the joint is arthritis, commonly known as calcification.

Regardless of your age, if you have a problematic hip, you will be unable to do most of your daily life activities. This is a progressive process, resulting in you being unable to handle most of your essential needs over time, including self-care.

Is surgery a solution?

Replacement of the joint will cure hip pain in many cases, where the hip joint loses its functions due to abrasion. An artificial joint called a prosthesis is attached to the damaged hip joint with the performed surgery. Many people regain their mobility without pain after hip replacement surgery.

What are the benefits of hip joint replacement?

After the operation joint pain completely disappears or is widely reduced. Reduced pain allows the patient to use the hip joint more comfortably which improves leg muscles and increases their strength. Life quality increases as the patients can do their daily work and non-demanding activities by themself. Prostheses that are used are very long-lasting it allows the patient to move comfortably for years.

Who is eligible for a total hip replacement?

 It is applied to patients whose hip joint cartilage is damaged or completely lost for any reason. The hip joint can’t regenerate the cartilage tissue therefore it’s only possible to regain the function if it’s replaced with a prosthesis.

There are various treatment methods such as medications, injections, and physical therapy are tried in the process leading to surgery. Hip replacement is recommended for patients who can’t benefit from these treatments.